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The Breakdown

At Hammond Jewellers there are many different types of repairs that we can do. Our expert goldsmiths can take on just about any challenge there is. Take a look at some of the repairs we do most often. If you don't see a repair service listed here, or you're not sure what you need done send us a message or come by the store and our competent staff will advise you on your best course of action.



Sizing rings up and down is the bread and butter of repairs. Your hands and knuckles change over the years, whether you've gained or lost weight, have arthritis or the seasons are changing, come on in and we can determine what size is best for you, and have our goldsmiths take it from there!

 Ring Claws

Anytime you have a ring with stones it's a good idea to have your claws checked; usually every 4-6 months. Claws can become pulled through everyday wear, and the tips wear down over time, which can put you at risk of losing stones. Our goldsmiths can redo claws, straightening them out, tightening and re-tipping them so you can have peace of mind that your stones won't budge. 


If your chain is broken, you need something re-attached, your ring has a crack or something else, simple and complex solders are something we can handle for you!

Rhodium Plating

As with most things over time Silver and white gold can lose it's bright shine. When your silver starts to look dull or your white gold starts to have a yellow hue, it's time to have it rhodium plated again. 

Knuckle Solutions

Sometimes knuckles can become an obstacle to wearing our favourite rings. Beyond sizing your rings to fit over your knuckles we have some engineered solutions to help with that. Not every solution will be perfect for everyone, but we will work with you to find what solutions fit best for you. Your rings don't have to collect dust.

Replacing stones

Over time stones that were once beautiful can become chipped and abraded. one solution is to replace the stone. We have gems on hand to choose from, or we can source the perfect one to make an old piece new again!

Setting and Unsetting

If you have a stone you want to put into another ring, gift, or sell we can unset stones, or set them into another ring for you. Our goldsmiths set and unset all kinds of stones from diamonds to opals.

Cleaning and Polishing

If you have a piece that needs some tlc, then look no further! Our goldsmiths are excellent at breathing new life into old pieces and making them shine. If it's silver or gold we can make it beautiful again. 

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