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Our Values


We have proven for over half a century that Hammond Jewellers is the place you can trust for honest prices, true quality and exceptional service. Building a relationship with our community and our customers is the heart of Hammond Jewellers.

Fair Pricing

Having ridden the waves of a shifting economy, we believe that a business is built not by luring people in with large percentages off of overly priced jewellery, but through the long term of providing steady, fair prices that people can trust.

Exceptional Customer Service

We have built our family owned and operated business through caring for our customers. There is a sense of connectedness when people come in Hammond Jewellers. Helping you find the perfect piece of jewellery for your special day makes our day 

Quality Product

We believe it is important to provide a wide range of product to accommodate the socio-economic diversity of Maple Ridge. Regardless of the price point, we do our best to ensure that all the product we offer is high quality and accurately assessed so our customers can trust what they purchase is true to its declaration.

Our History

In 1957, a young man fresh from Denmark by the name of Alf Kiilerich began a business legacy in the Maple Ridge community. Hammond Jewellers was born! Officially trained as a watchmaker, Alf came to Canada to pursue his dreams. Two years later he married his beautiful wife Birgit, and together they established a quality business that has survived the varied economic waves over the past five decades. Alf was a clever business man, but more importantly cared about his loyal customers. He always emphasized  quality customer service and truly fair pricing, which continues to be at the core of Hammond Jewellers business philosophy. Such values, consistently proven over the years, have brought generations time and time again to find elegant pieces of jewellery, watches and giftware to celebrate their special life occasions.


After many years, and with Birgit's encouragement, Alf felt it was time to retire. In hearing this, Doug Davey, from The Gold Room Jewellers (est. 1978), decided to take on the ownership of Hammond Jewellers. Because of their shared values. Doug recognized the  opportunity to continue the legacy that began over half a century ago and Alf was invited to ease into retirement. When Alf was asked, "What has meant the most to you in your life as a businessman?" Alf answered with a sparkle in his eye, "I like people. There's never two alike. You can group them, but there's something special in everyone." 


Over the last decade Doug along with his brother and sister-in-law, Dean and Laurie Davey, have proven to uphold the reputation of Hammond Jewellers by delivering quality products with fair pricing. It was Laurie's enthusiasm and her dedication to giving each customer a personal experience that has enabled Hammond Jewellers to consistently be voted as the #1 jewellers in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows community. A true family business, Emma Davey now continues the legacy and has allowed Dean & Laurie to take some hard earned rest. Emma is a third generation jeweller. She has a background in business specializing in consumer behaviour, is a GIA graduate gemologist and has a keen eye for custom design. 


Whether it's a gift for a special occasion, an elegant engagement ring, or a watch to celebrate life transitions, Hammond Jewellers carries a wide range of jewellery pieces. As well, Hammond Jewellers' quality goldsmiths, who work on site, can assist you with any jewellery repair or custom work that you would like to design. Hammond Jewellers continues to build on the quality service and excellent pricing which Alf has made it known for. Come and see for yourself!

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